Exactly one year after the 9-may call for a new #EuropeanRenaissance and right after the French Presidential elections, #CivicoEuropa organised a debate with Jean-Claude #Juncker – president of the European Commission – regarding Europe, its citizens and their future:
– Which European way for a better future?
– The best way to engage citizens and civil society to co-write the next EU Chapter?
– How to give our democracies some breathing space?

The debate was an immense success, seats were sold out in less than a day, and the live feed was followed by more than 400 people. But our job only begins now, and for this, we need you, the citizens of Europe.

we invite you to become part of the Civico movement: follow our facebook group, or subscribe to our mailing list by giving your e-mail address below. You’ll be given the Civico report as well “The European way for a better future.”

On March 20, 2017, in Brussels, the May 9 Movement (M9M) changed its name in


Civico europa is an informal group of opinion leaders coming from all over Europe and from various horizons, backgrounds and generations, with the ambition of giving a new impulse to the European project in a radically changing world and putting its citizens at the heart of this dynamic.

Now, we believe it is time to reinvent to the link between European citizens and their political leaders, to develop a genuine shared-understanding of our common challenges, to adapt our priority-setting and decision-making processes to new expectations by empowering citizens.

Together, we believe these are the ways to respond to the mistrust of a growing part of European societies. This unavoidable reinvention is the only way for the EU to remain a reference and a source of inspiration for its citizens and the rest of the world.