Agora Europa

CIVICO will launch the first EU consultation making citizen priorities and concerns emerge. These will then be transformed, by citizens, into concrete political proposals to be submitted to the 2019 EU elections’ candidates. And this is how we are going to do it
citizen consultation
First half of 2018
In collaboration with Facebook and Ipsos,  European citizens will be asked five open questions to make their priorities and concerns for the European future emerge.
Open questions imply open answers - everyone will be free to bring their unique perspective to the table. The resulting data will then be analysed algorithmically to highlight:
• Top 10 European priorities and concerns
• Top 10 national priorities and concern
• And the major themes citizens hold close to their hearts
Transform the concerns into concrete positive proposals
The resulting data will be sent to 10 partnered universities across the Union. Some of their Master students will be in charge of kick-starting the elaboration phase: they will dissect each theme into a structured concern, its causes, and its potential solution, following the same CIVICO Methodology. The solutions will take the form of positive and concrete political proposals, weighing economic and political feasibility.
CIVICO's academic partners include Sciences Po Paris, the Freie Universität of Berlin, the Sapienza in Rome, and the University of Athens.
Once completed, the students will upload their work on the CIVICO online platform, to open the elaboration up to citizen contributions.
Citizens from all over the EU will be able to give their opinion by:
1. Voting for or against the proposals, arguing their opinion; 
2. Joining or creating a citizen workshop to elaborate alternative proposals to those of the universities, also submitted to vote on the platform.  A “CIVICO starter pack” will be provided to enable the creation of a multitude of workshops across the Union, following the same methodology used by universities. 
The platform aims to be depositoty of all citizen contributions, the first European civic space, where citizens can deliberate on - and ultimately chose -  the best way to articulate proposals for their common future.
The concerns and related proposals obtaining the largest consensus on the platform will be retained.
At the end of this deliberative and participative process, truly transeuropean citizen proposals addressing truly transeuropean citizen concerns will therefore have been consensually adopted, bottom up
Transnational debates
First trimester 2019
CIVICO is leading discussions with the main European political families to ensure their candidates will submit themselves to a series of thematic public debates ahead of the 2019 EU elections, organised in several EU countries through CIVICO’s university and media partners.
The ideators of the solutions retained will be invited to come present them in front of the decision-makers who will be asked to take a stand on the proposals born out of this innovative, bottom-up, participative process
Follow up of the proposals’ implementation
The platform will allow citizens to monitor the follow-up on the proposals until their prospective inclusion in the candidates' programmes or in the projects of the European Union