is a NON-PROFIT, INDEPENDENT, AND TRANSNATIONAL ASSOCIATION, aiming to give a new impulse to the European project and, specifically, to democracy and citizenship in a radically changing world

Who are we?

Europeans from all horizons and generations united in the belief that it is time to reinvent European democracy


The distance between European citizens and European institutions has increased, the representative gap must be reduced

Citizens must now be given ownership over the European project and placed at the heart of its political dynamic through an empowering participative process

CIVICO wants

to transform Europe in a democratic laboratory based on citizen participation


CIVICO is launching the civic campaign #WeEuropeans to ensure that citizens regain ownership over the European project in view of the 2019 European elections and beyond

#We Europeans

#WeEuropeans proposes the first massive pan-European popular consultation, operated by, in order to define a European citizens' agenda to be submitted to political decision-makers


your priorities to create unprecedented bottom-up proposals for a better European future

A TOOL for citizens' empowerment
A NEW WAY of experiencing democracy

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CIVICO needs you. It is thanks to your donations that, together, we will reinvent the European democratic experience as an independent force.


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