#We Europeans

CIVICO will launch with Make.org the first Union-wide consultation of citizens, by citizens, to bring out the real concerns of Europeans.
Fuelled by an innovative technology, it will involve millions of citizens whose concrete proposals will be submitted to political decision-makers and candidates to the 2019 European elections
A call to citizens
December 2018
A call to all Europeans, signed by more than a hundred personalities of all opinions and origins, is published in various newspapers across the Union.
What call? The reappropriation of the European project by citizens in the context of the European elections and beyond.
- A European wide citizen consultation is announced for February 2019

- A Congress of Europeans is scheduled for 22 March 2019 at the European Parliament
A European Consultation
February 2018
"How can we reinvent Europe, concretely?" That is the question which several millions of European citizens will be asked, in 24 languages and in 27 countries.
Make.org's technology allows for a consultation that is open, intuitive, and respectful of representativeness in terms of age, gender, and nationality.
During eight weeks, all citizens willing to participate will be able to  both make concrete proposals and vote for the best ones already made.
- The 10 most popular proposals in each country will be retained, and their authors asked to outline them in short videos

-The 270 EU video proposals will be available for all participants to vote on. The 20 video proposals having gained the most votes will form the European citizens' agenda
Congress of Europeans
22 March 2019
The Congress of Europeans will be held at the European Parliament, the Union citizens' House.
The European citizens' agenda resulting from the consultation will be presented, and made to be adopted by an audience composed of representatives of education, arts and culture, science, business, trade unions, media, and - most importantly - various political families brought to listen to their voters.
The Congress will the basis from which the agenda is disseminated across the European Union, through a vast civic mobilisation campaign.
- The European citizens' agenda will be submitted to all the candidates to the European elections, asking them to position themselves on it
- It will also be presented to the Heads of State and Government meeting in Sibiu on May 9th 2019 for the European Council on the future of Europe
Follow up of the proposals' implementation
CIVICO will monitor the evolution of the citizens' proposals continuously, until they are included in the candidates' programmes or in the Union's projects after the new European Parliament and the new European Commission are established.